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  • Communication Issues

    Mr Symons was struggling to understand the steps of the Italian conveyancing process. Read More >>

  • Certificate of Habitability

    When the time came for Mr and Mrs Abbot to sell their beautifully renovated Italian property they faced problems that their home was lacking a certificate of habitability. Read More >>

  • Planning Permission

    Mrs Curtis purchased a two bedroomed holiday home in Italy.  The Real Estate Agent assured Mrs Curtis that property plans were legally registered and in order. Read More >>

  • Real Estate Agents Are Not Qualified To Provide Legal Advice

    When Mr and Mrs Phillips were acquiring a property it was a huge financial investment. Naturally, it caused many concerns and worries.  Read More >>

  • Italian Residency And Tax Benefits

    When she purchased her home, Miss Pearce wanted to become resident in Italy. Miss Pearce wanted to take advantage of the tax benefits this offers.  Read More >>

  • Italian Residency for EU Citizens

    Mr Stevens, a UK citizen wanted to become resident in Italy. No one was able to fully explain how to make this possible. Read More >>

  • Legal Translations

    Mr and Mrs Hartell relied on their Real Estate Agents when purchasing a property in Italy.  Read More >>

  • Responsiveness

    Mr Jennings and his partner Ms Foster used a large international law firm for their property sale. Each time they contacted the company they were put through to a different person. Read More >>

  • Legal Compliance of Systems

    Messrs Daniels and Ellis purchased a house as an investment. They subsequently discovered that the sanitation systems in the house were not compliant with the law. Read More >>

  • Power of Attorney

    Mr Williams inherited a property and entrusted another family member with power of attorney. Read More >>

  • Legal Costs

    When dealing with a legal transaction Ms Kimball was not aware of what her lawyers were doing or how many billable hours she would be charged. Read More >>

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All characters appearing in these case studies are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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