Certificate of Habitability – Case Studies

When the time came for Mr and Mrs Abbot to sell their beautifully renovated Italian property they faced problems that their home was lacking a certificate of habitability. It came as a surprise to the Abbots when they were requested to produce the certificate by the potential buyer’s legal team. They hadn’t been told that they needed a certificate of habitability in order to sell their property. Their Real Estate Agent had never mentioned this legal requirement and was unable to offer them legal advice to obtain the certificate. The potential buyer threatened to withdraw from the sale and take the Abbots to court for breach of contract. The Abbots risked having to repay twice the amount of deposit that they had received from the potential buyer.

De Tullio Law Firm was able to procure the certificate for Mr and Mrs Abbot and get their property sale back on track. We make sure that our clients are properly informed about all the legal implications of a transaction. When we execute legal due diligence we inform clients about legal issues which might affect the property. If you do not seek professional and impartial legal advice when buying a property, the Real Estate Agent is the only person you will see throughout your property purchase. When you discover problems such as those above, it may be too late. De Tullio Law Firm has your best interests at heart. We carry out checks before you purchase or sell a property.

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All characters appearing in these case studies are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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