Is investing in the Italian real estate market safe?

Italy is a country of great natural beauty with unparalleled cultural wealth. Moreover it is a founding member of the European Union and a member of the Euro zone.

Often the most exciting aspect of beginning a new life abroad is buying the perfect home – what you choose and its location can be crucial to ensuring that your life abroad is a long-term success.

The procedures and terminology for buying property in Italy are quite different from what you are likely to be used to, so it is essential to have the assistance of an Italian real estate market expert through the process.

There is a huge variety of property available on the Italian real estate market. Property for every budget and taste. Before taking the final decision, it is imperative to come and visit the property first, and if you decide to go ahead and buy a property, it is equally important to speak to an independent Italian legal advisor.

The conveyancing process as regulated by the Italian Civil Code, anyway, is extremely safe assuming that the buyer takes care and pays attention as generally required for an investment of this importance.


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