Planning Permission – Case Studies

Mrs Curtis purchased a two bedroomed holiday home in Italy.  The Real Estate Agent assured Mrs Curtis that property plans were legally registered and in order. A year after purchase the property was sequestered by the authorities because one of the bedrooms appeared to be illegally built. And in fact, land registry plans only showed one bedroom. It is important to highlight that in Italy illegal building works are the jurisdiction of criminal law.

At De Tullio Law Firm, as a part of our legal due diligence we always check planning permission and the land registry plans for the property. In Mrs Curtis’ case, we were able to resolve the planning permission issues. If she had come to us when she was buying the property, we could have avoided a lot of heartache and additional cost. Our thorough due diligence provides peace of mind, preventing the type of problems that Mrs Curtis experienced. Where appropriate, we can also instruct surveyors or architects to inspect the property to verify that it corresponds with land registry plans.

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All characters appearing in these case studies are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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