Italian Succession

In reference with Italian Successions we can provide the following services:

1.        Assess your inheritance rights according to Italian law;

2.        Give you legal support in order to draft an Italian Will;

3.        Claim/recover family properties according to Italian inheritance law;

4.        Search for properties, titles, records;

5.        Offer legal support for the sale of inherited properties;

6.        Obtain an appraisal and or a survey of your property with the support of qualified professionals;

7.        Determine taxation connected with the inheritance;

8.        Obtain a copy of a public Will;

9.        Challenge in the Italian Courts a Will drafted in conflict with the Italian legislation;

10.       Manage your probate;

11.       Register an inherited property in the name of the heirs;

12.       Obtain the release of funds deposited in bank account in connection with an inheritance;

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