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De Tullio Law Firm can assist you throughout the conveyancing process, from drafting a tailored preliminary contract, to conducting due diligence and signing the deed of sale before a Public Notary. If you are planning to buy a property in Italy, rely on conveyancing solicitors in Italy, like De Tullio Law Firm. We can assist you throughout the conveyancing procedure. We can examine the reservation offer. We can draft the preliminary contract tailoring it to your needs. We can carry out the due diligence, making sure that the property you are wishing to buy is legal, free from burdens, debts, mortgages or other charges.

If requested, your conveyancing solicitors in Italy can provide a surveyor who will evaluate your property, preparing a report regarding its structural condition.

We can help you obtain your fiscal identification number (codice fiscale) required for all real estate transactions in Italy, also it will enable you to buy a car, a mobile phone or getting connected to services e.g. telephone, water, gas, electricity.

We can also help you open a bank account at the bank of your choice.

We can assist you during the Deed of Sale (Atto di Vendita) carried out in front of a public notary, interpreting and providing the translated version of the Deed as required under Italian law.

If you cannot be present for the signing of the Deed of Sale, if you wish we can draft a Power of Attorney and we shall be present in front of the public notary and sign the Deed on your behalf.

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Lease Contracts

De Tullio Law Firm can assist you in drafting a rental agreement or land management contract.

We understand the legal risk allowing somebody into your property without a contract and are able to draw up a contract for rental purposes.

If you are planning to rent a property or if you are a property owner, we can draft a bi-lingual rental agreement for you.
We can liaise between the property owners and tenants.

If you are planning land management and need to protect your rights, we can negotiate an appropriate rental contract to meet your needs.

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De Tullio Law Firm can assist you in litigation issues, we consider this a last resort and always seek a positive agreement out of court, from resolving property disputes, to problems with a building company and breach of contracts.

We will represent you before the Italian courts if you are a victim of professional negligence.

We can intervene in the resolution of property disputes on your behalf.

We can provide legal support in Italian courts if you are experiencing disputes with a building company.

We can help you with any litigation caused by a breach of the contract or a delay in the construction when buying off-plan.

If a property that you wish to buy does not have the required  planning permission or licenses, we can protect your best interests and represent you should your case go to court.

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De Tullio Law Firm can assist you with arbitration, from alternative dispute resolution to out of court settlement and mediation between two parties.

We will negotiate on your behalf, endeavouring to reach a settlement out of court.

If you are a victim of any type of professional negligence we will search to reach an alternative dispute resolution for your case.

We can mediate between two parties and help you obtain a positive result, we will defend your interests before the Italian Courts.

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Building Contracts

De Tullio Law Firm can assist you throughout the building process, from building contracts, to renovation work and prevention of hidden costs.

We can draft building contracts and deal with this very sensitive issue in order to protect the clients’ best interests.

We are able to draft a detailed contract between you and the construction company if you have purchased a property and are planning to carry out renovation work.

We can assist you and prevent the risk of extra or hidden costs during the building proces.

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De Tullio Law Firm can assist you with tax advice and fiscal support from the tax planning of your investment to the management of local taxes.

We can advise you about tax planning for your investment with assistance in managing your Italian real estate purchase.

If requested, we can assist you with the management of local taxes, payment to the local municipality etc.

We can advise you on the proper planning of transactions in order to obtain tax benefits.

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