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De Tullio Law Firm – Property Legal Advisor

Buying property is always a major financial, time-consuming and emotional undertaking. Buying property abroad is all of the above, but can also be a minefield if you are not familiar with local customs, language and / or legal systems.

As a general rule, De Tullio Law Firm advises you not to sign any documents or to hand over any money until you have sought legal advice in your own language from a lawyer experienced in Italian real estate law. Trying to save money on legal costs can be a false economy when a large sum of money is at stake.

Do not place confidence in any advice or information given to you by those with a financial interest in the sale of the property in which you are interested. It is dangerous to rely on advice given by the seller and/or estate agents, mainly because they both have a financial stake in selling the property to you and they are not lawyers.

  • Buying a property burdened with charges, encumbrances and other debts
  • Buying a property built without planning permission and / or that has never been registered
  • Buying a property with a correct title deed, legally registered, but this property is not the one that you have viewed – the description and registration deeds at the date of the deed may belong to a different property altogether
  • Paying a deposit to a person purporting to be the owner, but subsequently this person disappears without trace
  • Buying a property with tenants, who unknown to you, are legally registered tenants with entitlement to stay in the property until the expiration of their rental contract or who can demand a sum of money as compensation in order to terminate the contract
  • Buying a property which may be overvalued
  • Buying a property which may have legal and /or structural problems not visible to the untrained eye

Why choose De Tullio Law Firm?

De Tullio Law Firm has over four decades of conveyancing experience.

De Tullio lawyers are multi-lingual and have worked both in Italy and abroad with clients from many countries.

De Tullio Law Firm is very sensitive to the issues of independence and conflicts of interest; as a consequence, in the best interest of our clients, we do not provide our services to Builders and Construction Companies. Furthermore we do not accept referrals from real estate agents.

If you are either thinking about or are involved in purchasing a property in Italy De Tullio Law Firm offers services tailored to your requirements.

Our services include:

  • Conducting background research to ensure that you are purchasing exactly what you expect.
  • Keeping you fully informed of progress, and ensure you understand every stage of your transaction – we can also do this without you needing to attend meetings in Italy.
  • Providing complementary services, such as an independent local surveyor (geometra) to carry out a preliminary structural survey of the property.
  • Providing translation services when dealing with real estate agents, public notary, banks and the many other official bodies involved in the purchase of Italian property.

Not only are we obliged to observe strict professional standards but our payment is not linked to where and from whom you make your purchase, therefore you obtain completely independent legal advice. We are able to offer you a transparent fee, determined partly by the purchase price of the property in question and partly by the range and complexity of the services to be provided.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your case or to receive further information about our services.