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Italian Real Estate Leaseback Scheme

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Italian Real Estate Leaseback Scheme: buying a house in instalments The 2016 Stability Law introduces a new real estate leaseback contract, which allows the purchase of a property without resorting to a mortgage. The real estate leaseback scheme is a financial product for those whose annual income does not exceed 55,000 Euro and are in […]

Italian Property Buying Process

Reading Time: 2 minutes

At What Stage of the Buying Process Should You Contact a Property Lawyer in Italy? People planning to buy an Italian property frequently ask me at what point of the buying process they should involve a lawyer. On the one hand, people worry that if they contact a lawyer too soon, they will end up wasting their […]

Brexit Jitters?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

About 26,000 British nationals are registered in Italy, according to Italy’s National Institute of Statistics. The British embassy in Rome believes the true number of British residents in Italy is double that. A significant fear for those concerned about Britain leaving the EU is the potential mass exodus of both Europeans and Britons from each […]

Buying properties in Italy is a major decision

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Buying properties in Italy is a major decision. Proceed with caution. Do your research. Always get independent advice. Continued slow economic growth in Italy is helping to keep property prices low and therefore attractive for those looking to invest. Interest rates show no sign of substantially increasing in 2016 either in The UK or in […]

The New 2015 European Inheritance Rules

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Action should be taken now to benefit from the new 2015 European Inheritance Rules. According to The European Commission some 450,000 cross-border successions occur in the EU each year, estimated to be worth in excess of €120 billion. As it stands, many countries in the EU, including Italy, have laws governing ‘forced heirships’ along with […]

Italian and EU International Divorces

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Italian and EU Divorce Law Across much of the European Union, marriages between couples of different nationalities, are on the rise. In addition, the number of married couples living as expats in another EU country is increasing. Unfortunately, this means that international separations and divorces are becoming more common. Obviously, people don’t enter into married […]