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Review of EU and Italian Divorce Law

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Living in a cross-cultural relationship Italian Divorce Law is one of the frequent questions our clients address to our law firm. Many of them and many friends and family members, in fact, are part of a cross-cultural relationship and for the most part it is an enriching and beautiful experience but it can also difficult […]

Italian will and estate lawyers can help you with the Italian inheritance process

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Italian will and estate lawyers can help you with the Italian inheritance process The Italian inheritance process can be a complex process If you have been named as a beneficiary of assets in Italy, and you have decided to accept your Italian inheritance, it is a good idea to use a specialist Italian Inheritance lawyer to help […]

Property Inheritance Laws in Italy – An Overview

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Property inheritance laws in Italy Italian Succession Law – An Overview Introduction Italian succession law follows the Roman Law principle which gives some protection to close members of the family, partially limiting the right of the testator to dispose of assets. Testamentary Succession consists in the assignment of hereditary assets in compliance with the wishes […]

American Chamber of Commerce in Italy Regional Representative for Puglia

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On 8th October 2015, Avv. Giandomenico De Tullio was appointed as regional representative for Puglia of the American Chamber of Commerce Italy. The American Chamber of Commerce in Italy (AmCham) is a private, non-profit-making organisation whose aim is to develop and promote economic and cultural relations between the United States and Italy, to support and protect the interests of its associates’ commercial […]

Italian Inheritance Law Regulation

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Italian Inheritance principle The law no. 218 of the 31st of May 1995 regulates the field of Italian inheritance law in the framework of international private law. The succession rules are determined on the basis of the national law of where the decedent was deemed habitually resident at the time of death. Italian Inheritance legislation […]

Elective Residence Visa – What to do to obtain access to Italy

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What is a national visa for elective residence? The visa for elective residence grants access to Italy to foreigners wishing to reside in the country and who are able to subsidise themselves financially, without carrying out any working activity. Article 13 of Attachment A of the inter-ministerial Decree MAE n°850 from 2011 defines the types […]

What is the role of Italian Probate Solicitors?

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The role of Italian Probate Solicitors Italian probate solicitors assist with the execution of a Will and the legal procedures of Italian inheritance issues. Engaging the services of a competent and knowledgeable lawyer simplifies the administration of an estate. Having an independent lawyer will assist with collecting all the documentation relating to property, assets and […]

Italian genealogy research – Collaboration with Lo Schiavo Genealogica

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Italian genealogy research Collaboration with Lo Schiavo Genealogica We are pleased and proud to announce our collaboration with “Lo Schiavo Genealogica”, an international research firm that specialises in Italian genealogical research, Italian-American dual citizenship, and Italian-American probate cases. Owner, Melanie D. Holtz, is a board-certified genealogist, writer, and lecturer with over 20 years’ experience in the […]

The Law of Economic Relationship between Foreign Married Couples Resident in Italy

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This article deals with the issue of the choice of law ruling the economic relationship between foreign married couples resident in Italy. Matrimonial regime in Italy, “Regime patrimoniale coniugale” in Italian, is governed by Italian Civil Code. Italian law no. 218 of the 1995 amendment reforming international private law, determines applicable law. Concerning the economic […]

EU Succession Regulation: European Certificate of Succession

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Brussels IV Since August 2015, a major step to facilitate cross-border successions has been the adoption of new EU rules which make it easier for people to handle the legal aspects of an international succession. This major step is known as Brussels IV, Regulation (EU) No 650/2012. Amongst other things, Brussels IV introduced a European Certificate […]