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Italian Attorney. Role and competences

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The steps of an Italian Attorney’s legal career The path to a legal career to become an Italian Attorney involves several years of study and internships. Future lawyers first need to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in law, (Laurea in Scienze Giuridiche), which takes three years. To proceed along the path towards practising law, students require […]

Partition of Property among Family Members

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Partition of Property among Family Members Partition of The Estate: how does it work? Introduction Should there be more than one heir nominated in a Will or in accordance with Italian law, a condition of joint-ownership of rights and duties concerning the inheritance is established among the co-heirs. A testator’s estate is composed of assets […]

A deceased relative of mine owned Italian assets. How should I proceed?

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We received this question from a reader wondering how to proceed with Italian assets. We hope that you find our answer helpful. If you have any queries related to Italian property or inheritance law, please send your questions to us. We are here to help. You may also find our Guide to Italian Inheritance a […]

Legal Requirements for Preliminary Contracts in Off-Plan Transactions

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The legislative decree 122/2005 introduced very strict requirements for preliminary contracts concerning investments in off-plan properties in Italy. Following art.6 of the above mentioned legislative decree, the preliminary contract should also contain: – A full description of the parties. -Identification details of the property, including the cadastral reference of the plot

Off-plan property in Italy – Where do you stand legally?

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Another post about this very important issue. Use our useful search tool to find our other articles on off-plan property purchases. Investing off-plan is where a purchaser makes a commitment to buy a property from a developer that has not yet been built or is in the process of being built. This type of investment […]

Tips for Purchasing Off-Plan Properties in Italy

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This article and tips were provided, by De Tullio Law Firm, to the British Consulate in 2011. Although the article pertains to a Calabrian case, information is relevant to all off-plan properties in Italy, wherever they are located. If you are looking for additional information about off-plan properties purchases in Italy, you will find another […]

Usucapione: Adverse Possession

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What is Usucapione? Usucapione is a legal procedure which can give you ownership of a property in Italy without need of any specific title such as a deed of purchase or a Will and without any agreement with the owner of the property. Usucapione is similar to Adverse Possession. It is a legal situation which is connected with […]

Legal action against real estate agents in Italy

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According to the Law 39/1989, realtors and real estate agents in Italy must be registered with their local Chamber of Commerce. If not registered, a real estate agent is liable to fines and other penalties and will not be entitled to agreed commissions. This legislation also provides an important guarantee for the consumer, in that […]